a selfmade mask an an euphoria inspired make up look for a super dramatic photography

louisa glaser

creative activity

Who is She?

Ok, hard to tell in only a few sentences. 

I am Louisa, interested in photography and probably every other creative direction which exists!

If you want to see some of my photos stay here or visit my Instagram accout!

that is me. infront of a mirrow with an canon camera.
sunglasses, sun and a good mood. a wonderful shooting with my friend sophia Gerding and my canon.


pretty jewelry on a white shirt. colourful picture which just makes me happy

These photos make me feel like summer!
My dear friend Sophia Gerding modelled and I love how they turned out!

wonderful shooting idea and inspiration. business look with a strong face shot by my canon camera.

Only a blue sky and my beautiful friend Sophia Gerding!

i catched beautiful movement with my canon camera. this looks like art to me.

head up in the clouds

the contrast of blue and red lightning make this picture so amazing. i love her playful face expression!


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